Terracota Kalle Shirt Dress


Well the Kalle Shirt Dress is clearly a hit with me as I am on my 3rd version. This time I bought the sleeve expansion pack. I had originally planned to make my 3rd Kalle in a grey linen or chambray. I wear my first chambray Kalle all the time and my 2nd more “dressy” version on special occasions. This one was supposed to be a daytime appropriate option. My gut instinct on fabric choice was overridden by my desire to use up some of the fabric I already have in my stash. This terracotta cotton lawn from Atelier Brunette was originally destined to become a pair of PJs, but I changed my mind at the last minute and made another Kalle. To be honest I’m not convinced by the pairing of the fabric with this pattern, the colour feels a bit much especially with the addition of the long sleeves, but I really like it layered with my handmade cardigan. So this make has been a sort of unexpected hit.

Ordinarily I am drawn to a neutral colour palette, but the more I have experimented with colour lately, the more I feel I need a bit of colour in my life to brighten up my complexion. I can look so pale and washed out in photos and colour really seems to perk me up.

We took these photos at the Scalloway Castle. The dress really could have done with an iron, but we were on location at a castle, so a few creases couldn’t be helped :).

I made the same variations for this version that I did for my 2nd Kalle. I lengthened the dress and the sleeves by 5cm to account for my height (I am 5’11”) and long arms.

The fabric is from Atelier Brunette and the buttons are from Merchant and Mills.

The cardigan is handmade by me using a Needed Me Cardigan kit from Wool and the Gang. I just realised I haven’t blogged about this cardigan, but I made it last year and have since worn it so much I am in the process of making a second one in a lighter grey wool.

Kalle Shirt Dress and Needed me Cardigan made by Attie and Dora

Kalle Shirt Dress made by Attie and Dora

Kalle Shirt Dress and Needed me Cardigan Attie and Dora made by Attie and Dora Shetland

Kalle Shirt Dress and Needed me Cardigan Attie and Dora 2

Kalle Shirt Dress and Needed me Cardigan Attie and Dora

I still intend to make the neutral long sleeved Kalle that I had in mind originally, but in the meantime I think I will get a lot of wear out of this one.

Has anyone else made the Kalle shirt dress and loved it? It is fast becoming a wardrobe staple for me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this pattern.

These photos were taken on Monday when the weather in Shetland was spectacularly sunny (albeit still very cold) but today we have snow and it is absolutely freezing and if I’d tried to do this shoot today I would probably have frozen solid. I think this dress will be layered under many many hand knits for a while longer.





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