Polka Dot Carolyn PJs


Not blogged in a while, but lots going on in the studio.

I’ve mainly been working on drafting my own blocks, and designing, but have managed to find time to squeeze in some sewing too.

In my last post I blogged about the shorts I made for my sister using the Carolyn PJ pattern from Closet Case Files. After seeing how lovely they turned out I decided this would be the perfect pattern for the polka dot brushed cotton I had been hoarding. I think it was from Minerva Crafts, but I bought it several months ago, so can’t be certain. This fabric is super soft to touch, so it’s perfect for PJs.

It’s been a nightmare trying to photograph this make with the limited daylight in Shetland during the winter. I think the only option for taking photos in a decent amount of light here is to wait for a clear day and take them outside, but we have recently moved into a lovely new flat in Lerwick and while on the island I could have run outside in my PJs and taken photos of myself, don’t really fancy doing so in the middle of town….ha. So apologies for the rubbish pics, but I really wanted to blog these.

Polka Dot Carolyn PJs

Polka dot Carolyn 3



I love this pattern, I found this such an enjoyable make, it was relatively straight forward, but the effect is really professional. I particularly found the collar instructions to be fantastic as I have struggled with collars in the past, but this one was simple to sew and looks great.

I serged the seams and after much deliberation decided to use self-cover buttons. I really struggle to find nice buttons, if anyone has any tips on where to source some nice ones I’d really appreciate it.

I have so many more ideas for this pattern. I really want to make a long leg and long sleeve pair next and as I didn’t add the piping to these, I will experiment with that in my next pair.

Coincidentally, while making these, I opened my copy of Grazia to see that PJs as day wear is back, which gives me a great excuse to wear them in public…

These photos are taken in my new studio space! It is so awesome that our new flat has this beautiful loft space, I practically live up here at the moment. It is so nice to have a dedicated sewing space that I can close off at night and not worry about people standing on my pins…. I will maybe give you a virtual tour next time, when it’s less messy šŸ™‚



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