Envelope Clutch Bag

A problem I’ve recently stumbled upon is, what to do with scraps of fabric, which are too small to make into garments? Mostly mine are left over from completed projects, but more recently from a bag of remnants kindly donated to me by a good friend.

I searched some of my favourite sewing blogs for inspiration and decided to try the Envelope Clutch by See Kate Sew.

The PDF pattern was free and the instructions simple to follow. There was only one pattern piece, so this is a good instant gratification project.
I found the printouts slightly awkward to stick together neatly, but I got there in the end.

The fabric used for the clutch was originally an eiderdown from India, which my friend had used to make a large over the shoulder bag. I was gifted the remains. I adore the detail of the fabric and it was a perfect weight to give the clutch some structure. There was one issue with my chosen fabric, it was impossible to pattern match or achieve a symmetrical finish, due to the way it had been cut previously. Thankfully the pattern is quite busy, which stops it being too noticeable.

I omitted the interfacing, due to the weight of the fabric and lined it with felt. The self cover button is just for decoration, as the bag is closed using a snap fastener. I originally planned to do a button hole on my machine, but the layers of fabric wouldn’t fit under my presser foot.

Here’s the finished product, modelled by my sister. I would love to hear any tips for what to do with small pieces of material?

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3 thoughts on “Envelope Clutch Bag

  1. I love that you have made this from a special piece of fabric 🙂 it’s is beautiful. I have made the envelope clutch from noodle head patterns. I learned a lot of new skills while making it.
    I found your blog from T&TB Pinterest board. 🙂 love all your makes so far! Sewing is sew fun!!!!

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